Trumpeting the Eighth Seal

Kevin McFadyen

Kevin McFadyen is a world traveller, a poor eater, a happy napper and occasional writer. When not typing frivolously on a keyboard, he is forcing Kait to jump endlessly on her bum knees or attempting to sabotage Derek in the latest boardgame. He prefers Earl Gray to English Breakfast but has been considering whether or not he should adopt a crippling addiction to coffee instead. Happy now, Derek?

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  1. The most important element of Plemora, I think, was that it embraced vagueness in its lore. All the lore was filtered: according to [x], this is what happened; according to [y], it was this way. A bunch of people were accessing magic different ways, but none of ’em knew why any of it worked.

    That unknownness itself can lead to some permutations on horror that we never really looked at. I think (though it didn’t come up), the Angels were sort of lovecraftian too, in a way. They were unimaginably powerful, incomprehensible to daemonkin and from a higher, older plane of existence.

    But yeah, we should do something with it.

    • Yeah, I always enjoyed that vagueness. It’s why I wanted to make every faction believe something different and often contradictory.

      My vision for the Angels was sort of Lovecraftian in that they were to appear completely alien. But, I had hoped that it was in a less ‘tentacles everywhere’ alien and more a ‘these things look uncanny.’ I was shooting for a wholly androgynous appearance, lithe with long limbs and pallid features. I had hoped that this would also tie into some of those Gnostic ideals of ‘perfection’ and the unification of the masculine and feminine.

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