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I am a Toronto-based scholar who is currently completing his PhD at York University. My focus is primarily world-building in drama; specifically, how drama is able to construct non-classical space and time despite unfolding in a classical space-time frame (i.e. a stage in the real world). I occasionally review speculative fiction theatre, films and games, and discuss world-building. I am a hobbyist Dungeons & Dragons adventure-runner, and am particularly interested in how a group constructs a fictional world collectively through play.

I previously studied practical dramaturgy under Toronto-based dramaturg Judith Rudakoff and developed a number of plays both by myself (Cockatrice & Feathersong, Doors Open at 7, Our Land is There) and in collaboration (Knives Out, City of Doors); I also work as a dramaturg (Dinosaur Ego, Knuckle Down, Verona Heights).

I am currently working on a full-length play titled Icarus on Fire.