K.J. McFadyen

About the Author

This is actually Kevin

Kevin McFadyen was found one evening in the dark and treacherous streets of Guelph, Ontario. Taken in by a kindly family of passing entertainers and troubadours, he was then whisked off to small town Mount Forest, Ontario. There he learned the important lessons of life like how to be king of an enormous pile of snow and to keep away from three legged dogs. Somewhere along the line, someone taught him how to read – likely while he was bed bound and something to distract him while his body regenerated from missing organs or sprained limbs.

He read the typical stories of those far-flung childhoods: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Aspirin and Lynn Abbey, Ursula Le Guin, Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Clive Cussler, H.P. Lovecraft and a slew more that aren’t currently on the nearby bookshelf.

Tiring of the small town life, Kevin supplanted his remote village living for the bustling and bright lights of Guelph in middle school. There, in the sprawling metropolis, he would brush shoulders with such literary and theatrical giants as Derek Gingrich – even if the former was far too busy and popular to entertain any sort of friendship until years later.

Working hard on his next novel.

Growing too big for that pond, Kevin then earned acceptance into the illustrious Queen’s University in prominent Kingston, Ontario possibly through nefarious means that were never proven. There, the secrets of the mind were laid bare before him as he enacted cruel and unspeakable experiments on both mice and men. Fearing for their citizens, he was exiled from the country for a time and wandered the distant shores of Europe and Japan. Rumours speak of some white giant climbing mountains and impressing children. No tower or remote shrine seemed safe. Even the very earth rebelled at his presence and beneath the pressures of record earthquakes and heatwaves, he managed to return to his country of birth.

Throughout all this time, Kevin has displayed a penchant for scribbling his thoughts and ideas. Not content to just read about other heroic individuals, he has scrawled many various shorts and concepts that span genres and conventions. He is currently working on some fantastical fiction, while offering his full length novel, Thyre: City of Smoke and Shadows, to the world via digital means. Work is nearly finished on a second novel, The Clockwork Caterpillar and he is trying to apply as much as he can from the wisdom of his esteemed academic colleague in the creation of his fictional world based on steampunk science fiction.

One day he may even write a fantasy novel.