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Thyre: City of Smoke and Shadow

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Paperback – March 22, 2017

Wounded and haunted by the Queen’s Campaign, Lieutenant Jarret Renette returns from the colonies to discover Thyre has become an unfamiliar city smothered in smoke and secrets. Struggling to reintegrate into a life of frivolous salons and visitations, Jarret’s disappointments mount as he bears witness to the relationship changes between his friends. A rash of curious silver thefts has grappled the fickle attention of the Thyrian elite and whoever can unmask the identity of the bold thief will receive a pair of pistols, opera tickets, the services of a sorcerer and, most importantly, a date with Lady Isabella. Needing distraction, Jarret is more than happy to accept a friendly wager amongst his colleagues. Unfortunately, what begins as a friendly bet becomes a sinister game when the group of unlikely companions discover the thief brutally murdered in his own manse. Suddenly, the sporting chase for a rascally thief has twisted into a dangerous hunt for a vicious serial murderer. As the investigators close in on their enemy, Jarret and his friends start to attract the unwanted attentions of deadly sorcerers, paranoid nobles, reclusive mechanists and an unforgiving constabulary. Prestige and noble ancestry won’t buy them any favours on the gas-lit streets of the Empire’s capital. And once Jarret learns that Isabella’s life is at risk, he must find a way to overcome both his physical and mental deficiencies if he hopes to spare his beloved from the killer’s knife.