What’s the appeal of MMO’s? Nevernevernever

Kevin McFadyen

Kevin McFadyen is a world traveller, a poor eater, a happy napper and occasional writer. When not typing frivolously on a keyboard, he is forcing Kait to jump endlessly on her bum knees or attempting to sabotage Derek in the latest boardgame. He prefers Earl Gray to English Breakfast but has been considering whether or not he should adopt a crippling addiction to coffee instead. Happy now, Derek?

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2 Responses

  1. I think MMO’s are a great example of how tenuous and thinly stretched immersion and suspension of disbelief are in video games. In a single player game, you have enemies clipping through walls or (if you’re playing a Bethesda game) mammoths rocketing into the air, spinning, then crashing into the ground. When those glitches happen, you are taken out.

    In an MMO, the other players constantly take you out. They are hopping around on horses, rolling around, trying to sell their useless wares instead of using the auction house, etc. It’s like every other player is just a glitch.

  2. Kevin says:

    Ha, I never considered looking at it like that. I can definitely get behind the ‘people as bugs’ idea.

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