Dark Souls Review Part 2

Derek Gingrich

I am a Toronto-based scholar PhD Candidate at York University. My focus is primarily world-building in drama. I am also a hobbyist D&D DM, and am particularly interested in how a group constructs a fictional world collectively through play. Currently working on a full-length play titled Icarus on Fire.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I got the impression that Seath didn’t shed his scales and was more born/created/spat out from the abyss naked and mewling like a lost little babe. That’s the reason I assumed he was researching the Scales of Immortality in the Duke Archives, so that he could claim his birthright that was denied him from the Age of Ancients.

    Which makes Seath and Priscilla’s possible connection interesting since Priscilla has both scales and that fuzzy hair look that the Everlasting Dragon has contrary to Seath’s nudity.

    They are both white though so who the hell knows.

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