Stanislavski and RPGs Part 2

Derek Gingrich

I am a Toronto-based scholar PhD Candidate at York University. My focus is primarily world-building in drama. I am also a hobbyist D&D DM, and am particularly interested in how a group constructs a fictional world collectively through play. Currently working on a full-length play titled Icarus on Fire.

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  1. All this discourse about ‘auras’ bristles my scientific upbringing. I suppose when discussing the merits of art we can’t really expect some quantitative, measurable system even though it appears that Mr. Benjamin wishes to impose some sort of universal observation in order to prove his point. I’m having difficulty applying this concept of ‘aura’ to musical performance. Which, much like theatre I suppose, kind of already starts to unravel his idea. Hearing a musical piece in reproduction in a concert hall played by a symphony far removed from the original composer who long languishes in the rotting bosom of the earth can still invoke that same sense of majesty. Or so I would argue. I guess you could argue that a symphonic performance will beat a digital one but is that necessarily because of the human element and the expenditure of their ‘artistic energy’ or because a concert hall is going to create a far greater immersive environment than an iPod?

    Also, I was in that first role-playing example and it was even more glorious than you painted it. It was the perfect storm of complete selfish dick baggery I have ever witnessed and wouldn’t have been anywhere near as amazing if even one party member had taken the effort to try and bridge the differences between any of the players. Ah… memories.

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